Bespoke training packages

The perfect way to meet all your CPD needs. We can build you a tailor made package to suite your whole team.

Bespoke training is also available for organisations that can be arranged to meet the particular needs of your staff, volunteers and the people you work with. This includes other professionals such as social workers, youth workers and health care staff. These can hold up to 99 attendees and start from £100 per hour, which includes a video of the session afterwards.

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Training that was delivered by Sue was incredibly useful and interesting. She was an oracle on immigration matters and managed to bring the rules to life through real life cases. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her training courses in the future. 

Simon, Asylum Welcome

The clarity of the presentation; how prepared and professional Sue was; how attuned Sue was to the needs and wants of her ‘audience’. This all allowed for a lot of material to be covered and absorbed without feeling too dense

Volunteer, AVID

I came to know about TACTIC mid-2020. I have attended several training sessions with Sue and continue to do so. I have been attending for FREE because I still do not have access to any form of income. Since my asylum case had been refused in 2017, I almost lost hope. It was hard for me to access information, advice and support that I needed to progress with my case. Thanks to Sue’s generosity and understanding, attending TACTIC training opened my eyes in many different ways such that I was able to submit my further submissions in the midst of the first pandemic lockdown. I have also gained so much confidence in the way I respond to issues that some of my friends who are in the same situation face. I personally feel empowered. The training has been particularly life changing for me. 

Loraine Masiya Mponela, Asylum seeker and member of Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group (CARAG)

Sue’s training sessions are so valuable for everyone who wants to learn about the UK Immigration and Asylum system and related matters. Sue’s preparation of the training materials and examples of case scenarios on training courses that I attended have given me a great learning experience.

On their bespoke training package:
“Training from TACTIC has helped staff and the projects we support to get to grips with the complex and changing environment for EEA nationals following Britain’s departure from the European Union and the end of the transition period. This knowledge and signposting is an important way through which projects will be able to use to support people from the European Union experiencing homelessness in the UK”
Jacob Quagliozzi, Director of England for Housing Justice

Training for Immigration Advisors

The training programme for immigration advisors is intended to develop the knowledge and competence of people working to provide advice and assistance with immigration, asylum and nationality cases. It is primarily aimed at people working in organisations that are registered with the OISC (up to Level 2) or have legal aid contracts to provide immigration and asylum advice. In addition, it is open to individuals to take part in the training.

Training Date
None Currently Scheduled Check back for future updates
See previous training, avilable to purchase

Sue Conlan is exceptionally well-qualified, with some 30 years’ practical experience of benefits and immigration issues, to offer training on No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF). Her two-hour training course on this topic, together with the slides which she uses and which are made available to participants, provide an excellent background to the history, current position and political issues surrounding NRPF.

Erik Pearse,

On the No Recourse to Public Funds session:

“The training was very useful and combined the law, history and the current political climate. Looking forward to the next one, thank you”

Meena Patel, Southall Black Sisters

On the “preparing asylum claims, appeals & fresh claims” training:

Thank you so much Sue. That was very informative and interesting. It highlighted what I am sure most of us already know, that the asylum system in this country is stacked against those it is designed to help. It’s shocking and we truly do live in a hostile environment.

Annonymous, Training participant

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. I have learnt more in a day than from any solicitor.


Training for Community Organisations and Support Groups

The publicly-available courses are aimed at a cross-section of people who have an interest in how the immigration system works and its impact on people subject to immigration control. This includes support groups and people who are themselves subject to immigration control and want to understand the immigration system which may enable them to give greater support or have more control over their situation.

They are therefore designed in a way that a lay person can understand although they will include information about the law.

Training Date
None currently scheduled TBC
See previous training, avaliable to purchase

Fees and booking

Sessions for community/support group sessions are priced at £30 per person, or £50 for two people (attendance can be on different days); free place for people seeking asylum or those without legal immigration status (for every paid place)

Prices vary for immigration advisor sessions. Enquire for further details.

For more information on costs, or to book, email Sue