Dr. Sue Conlan has specialised exclusively in the field of international migration, asylum and human rights since July 1987 in both the voluntary sector and private legal practice. Her experience includes legal casework, research, training, political advocacy, consultancy, media and public speaking on migration and asylum and wider human rights issues. Sue has worked in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland. Her research includes the link between immigration control and public funds in the UK, people smuggling and migration, and decision making and policy in the asylum process. Sue holds a BA (Hons.) Degree in Law, an LLM Degree in Welfare Law and a PhD in Political Science.

On Training

“I attended two of Sue’s sessions. They were superbly prepared, based on her nuanced understanding and experience of the legislation, and delivered with great clarity and awareness of her audience’s needs.” Harvey

“I am in awe of her command of her field, the labyrinthine minefield of what is immigration law, case study and Home Office policy. Her sessions were also good in that they were so clear, understandable and genuinely engaging” Ravi

On dealing with immigration cases:

“In 2004, I went to pick up my child from school to hear that there were over twenty children going back to homes with no parents because there had been an immigration raid. The Home Office was attempting deportations within a few weeks. The children and their parents are still in the UK. It’s been tough for them, but Sue has made a tremendous difference. It’s not just that she unravelled their highly complex cases intelligently and determinedly, but that she treated her clients with respect and care. Never patronising, never judgmental, and always learning from the people she works with. I am delighted that Sue is sharing her experience and skills with others.” Bridget Anderson

“I know many vulnerable young asylum seekers, and I’m sad to say the majority are represented by lawyers who, at best, put in the minimum effort on their behalf. Sue Conlan, however, is one of the exceptions. Her starting point, her consistent concern and her end goal is always to do her best to help each client, to understand and accept the particularities of their individual story and to defend their human rights. Her care, diligence and extensive experience instilled the two young brothers I support with confidence and calm, which alleviated anxiety about their case rather than adding to it. Sue has that woefully rare but crucial quality for a lawyer – empathy.” Ceri Townsend